Recording / ADR


ADR has always been a core component of film production.  Whether it is in dubbed version localization or original production (new recordings for animation or replacement of on-set recording lines) – our team takes great pride in matching microphones and performances to the need of the material – and keeping in mind… that the recordings will be used downstream in mixing!

CPI FIlms / Sound2Picture contains two large ADR stages, with a medium and smaller control rooms, which are chosen based on the productions needs.  Rooms are modular, allowing for reconfiguration based on recording needs – comfortably fitting walla groups up to 15+ actors, a sit-down voice over session, child-actor / director setup, or just a single standing actor.

adr1-studioBoth rooms, along with all other studios at the facility are tied through a high speed SAN network – allowing for concurrent work on the same project to be shared between rooms without having to copy media between workstations.

A specific example is a pickup required during re-recording, can be done in ADR, and it will be immediately available to the mixing engineer without breaking the session to copy files.