FAQ testing

  • What do I need to prepare before the recording session?

    Your script!  The director!  The media needs to be delivered to the studio no later than 24 hours before the recording.

    If working on a remote recording session via SourceConnect, we need to the remote studio credentials and an additional hour before the session to confirm connectivity.

  • What kind of microphones can I choose from?

    A good selection of microphones for dialogue recording:

    1. Neuman TLM 103, 89, 87
    2. Senheisser 416 Mini shotgun
    3. Aston
    4. Lav mics (dpa or XX + Lectrosonics radio system
    5. Shreiman
    6. Any combination of the above.

    For a live action film / project recording, often a combo of the Senheisser 416 and a Lav mic would be used.

  • What format should my video be in?

    All house picture playback systems are optimized for ProRes 422 LT.

    We will transcode your picture to this format before the session to ensure sync at all stages.