Sound2Picture is certified for AURO-3D Theatrical Mixing

January 2017

MIX1 has been equipped and certified by Barco for AURO 3-D Theatrical Mixing.

Auro 3D has many benefits for original domestic production, encompassing both technical, production speed, and lower release costs.

As a concept, the 3D space is filled with audio, with multiple layers in the surrounds, the mains, as well as the ceiling.  PSee schematic

Some benefits when comparing with Atmos are speed of production – as we work with layers, as opposed to with discrete channels, the same toolset as used in the lower 5.1 can be applied in the upper 5.1 – without spending too much time in the details.  The overall result is a decrease in an original production Auro mix when compared to Dolby Atmos.

A major concern plaguing many lower budget productions, especially in the domestic Russian original film segment, is cost.  With budgets allocated to audio post production constantly decreasing, the ‘fee’ for the Dolby Atmos mastering is a major line item to be dealt with.  Auro 3D mastering does not have such a fee, resulting is a ‘pocket of cash’ which can be allocated to studio costs or other expenses.

Finally, a small, yet important technical aspect.  An Auro 3D immersive soundtrack is 100% backwards compatible with a standard cinema 5.1 mix.  Meaning that there is only one DCP which needs to be created; and cinemas which contain the Auro decoding interface will benefit from the Auro 3D soundtrack, those without – simply play it back as a standard 5.1.

Dolby Atmos, by contrast, allows for a finer detail in panning via discreet channels / speakers.  This naturally takes more time, but for certain content may be more applicable.  There is also the concern of the number of cinemas playing back the various formats.  For Russia, Dolby is currently in the lead.

As of November 2016:
Dolby Atmos screens in Russia: 76 (28 in Moscow, 11 in St. Petersburg)
Dolby Atmos screens in Ukraine: 5
Dolby Atmos screens in Kazakhstan: 7

Universal and Walt Disney Sony Releasing regularly release dubbed versions of films in the Auro3D format.

Sound 2 Picture / CPI Films is able to start a complete original production Auro 3D mix, or work with remixing dubbed versions with an Auro dialogue premix, then mastering into the Auro3D comp; or take your Atmos Mix and reversion it for Auro – or vice-versa.

Please contact our production department for more information, or to schedule your mix in our Auro 3D mixing theater.